Discover tips and advice for supporting your child’s school learning at home.

Do you want to better manage your child’s schedule and time and help your child learn methodically? Do you want to boost his or her motivation? Has your child’s ability to concentrate declined during distance learning? Are you having trouble maintaining harmony through all of this? This short training series will help you as a parent support your child in coping with all the pieces of learning, particularly when everything is done through distance education.

Registration not required (free for all)

Online release June 22, 2020

Length 5 videos
5 to 6 minutes each

Cost free

Languages French, English

Access the training

Who is it for?

  • Parents who need to support their child with learning activities at home;
  • Parents of students with handicaps, social maladjustments or learning disabilities, students at risk or with special needs;
  • Non-teaching personnel who are supporting children through learning at home;
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the issues associated with learning in a family setting

Training overview

Benefits of this online training

  • Flexibility

    • Watch the videos whenever and wherever it works for you
    • Go back to any video to review the tips that are most useful
    • Access the videos now without having to register (access is free for all)!
  • Usefulness

    • Discover or rediscover tips for helping your child with schoolwork at home, at every age
    • Find or rekindle the joy of supporting your child’s learning


The training is broken down into five video clips. Each clip is 5 or 6 minutes long.

Manage time

  1. Flexibility
  2. Routine
  3. Breaks
  4. Physical activity and healthy practices

Fostering concentration

  1. Appropriate study setting
  2. Study goals
  3. Ability to concentrate
  4. Guidance around use of technology

Maintaining harmony

  1. Recognize and manage stress in parents and children
  2. Tips for democratic discipline

Learning methodically

  1. Active reading (take notes, highlight, etc.)
  2. Summarize (draw diagrams, explain to a family member or friend, etc.)
  3. Reading assistance software
  4. Comprehension issues

Sustaining motivation

  1. Effort and successes
  2. Interest in your child’s schoolwork
  3. Sense of competence
  4. Independence

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Offered by

Ministère de l'Éducation et ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur.